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We are here to persuade.

Whether it is helping you develop narratives, tell compelling stories, or put pen to paper, the Bowie Group is renowned for eliciting emotional responses and driving action.

Our philosophy is that you should have the talent, the tools, and the tactics you need for your project to succeed all under one roof.

Founder Chad Bowie has curated a talented team of knowledgeable, passionate professionals to do just that.

The Bowie Group offers a full suite of creative services to clients across North America and the United Kingdom.

The Bowie Group Founder and Principal Chad Bowie leans against a brick wall with arms crossed.

An award-winning direct marketing consultant, political strategist, opinion researcher, and communications professional with political, non-profit, and corporate clients across North America, Chad Bowie directs all creative.

His direct marketing fundraising strategies have helped many political and non-profit organizations smash records – and bring in millions of dollars!

As a political strategist, he has helped candidates across Canada win election to municipal, provincial, and federal offices. In 2017, he became the youngest person to run a province-wide political campaign in Nova Scotia’s history. Prior to that, he served as the National Manager of Election Readiness for one of Canada's major federal political parties.

Bringing together sophisticated public opinion research, proven voter contact techniques and disciplined, comprehensive narratives, Chad develops hard-hitting, effective campaign strategies. As a qualitative researcher, he zeroes in on his client’s research needs and works directly with them to develop a fulsome strategy to obtain the insights they need to make decisions. 

Drawing on his years of experience in the non-profit, not-for-profit, and political spaces in Canada and the United States, Chad knows how to communicate and probe complex ideas, analyze data, adapt to unexpected or rapidly changing environments, and think critically on behalf of his client.

​In the private sector, his communications and marketing skills have helped small, medium, and large businesses connect with tough-to-reach audiences, grow their brand, and attract new clients and customers.

Chad is a member of the Association of Fundraising Professionals and the Marketing Research and Intelligence Association. He is a graduate of the University of Kings College in Halifax and completed the Washington-based Leadership Institute Comprehensive Fundraising School.

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We’re a one-stop shop for creative ideas, strategies and tactics that help our clients achieve their communications and marketing goals.


From start to finish, we work with clients to  enhance their marketing and branding identity, strategic planning, design, content development  and everything in between.


We also help clients with specific communications product needs including press releases, speeches, blog posts, funding and grant proposals, and strategic documents.


As part of our offerings, we work with the best digital and social media experts around to ensure you have an effective and engaging web presence that suits your brand - and draws your audience in.


Finally, we offer a full suite of media and communications training programs to ensure your organization is equipped for any situation.


Whether you need help in a pinch, find yourself amid a crisis or are looking for long-term support, we’ve got a plan for you!


Voter behaviour is our expertise. With more than a decade of experience in Canadian politics at all three levels of government, we know how to run (and win!) hard-hitting, voter-facing campaigns.


First, we help clients gather the best possible public opinion data and use it to build a compelling narrative. This is our blueprint that informs everything from TV ads to social media campaigns to door-to-door literature. That's how we win the air war. 

When it comes to the ground game – we bring an aggressive, laser-like focus to voter identification, persuasion and get-out-the-vote.


No matter your political campaign needs, we’ve got it covered. From the often-forgotten details like debate prep and briefing notes to the big-ticket items like advertising and opposition research, we now how to get it done.


In politics, the stakes are always high. That’s why we bring intensity, intelligence, discipline and – above all else – integrity, to everything we do.


We work with our clients to develop and execute a full-some suite of direct marketing products. No matter the need, we smash records and get results!

We specialize in direct mail and email copy that acquires new donors, retains existing ones and maximizes your return on investment.

For us, every single appeal is unique. We start from scratch every time to develop compelling narratives that are tailored to persuade your donors to act immediately.


From conceptualization and planning to creative services and copy, we provide our clients with a complete package.


We also help clients stay on budget by helping identify trusted, competent and affordable vendors for production and mailing services.


Whether you're looking for us to support your team - or become a fully integrated part of your development goals - we can help!



NSCAD University logo in blue.

“Chad captures the voice of our institution and produces strategies that marry our unique culture with proven direct response tactics. With his help, we exceeded one of our most important fundraising goals - and weeks in advance!”

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“Chad is one of the best direct mail and digital strategists I've ever worked with. He knows how to invoke emotion and urgency to engage donors and generate revenue.  He works within budget and delivers on time.”



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